Who the hell are Dante’s Supper Clubs?

After an accidental two month Hiatus, I return with news of a new popup coming to a Bristol venue near you.

Another set of gastronomic refugees from foggy London town, Dante’s is headed up by three friends brought together by their love of food and The Divine Comedy. The premise is simple. ballsy food that doesn’t take itself too seriously at all.

dantes roast

With quite the CV behind them, chef Sean Enslin has worked in such culinary greats as Le Trompette, The Dorchester and Wild Honey.  The high stress, high flying lifestyle soon wore thin and after 10 years, something about Bristol and popups really resonated with him. Flanked by his ultra-talented (and brains behind the concept) girlfriend Kate, who covers all things illustrations and knows the best way to scrub a stock pot and friend Maddie, second in the kitchen as well as head of web and menu design and advertising and marketing. Dante’s was born.

dantes noodles

Taking inspiration from the epic poem penned in the 14th century, Dante’s supper club promise to offer three types of menus named Sinner, Saint & Purgatory.

Sinner being decadent, sumptuous and naughty (think bone marrow, foie gras), saint being healthy, zippy, bright clean flavours (coeliac and vegetarian-friendly), and purgatory being a divine combination of the two. The aim is for plenty of fun, tongue in cheek supper clubs serving plenty of great food alongside lashings of fantastic booze. The perfect relaxed environment to try something a bit different.

dantes pork pie

So, most importantly, where on earth can you experience this affordable taste of hedonism? Lucky for you they already have three events lined up to tempt those looking for a decent feed.

Dante’s Sunday Roast @ 3 Berkley Square – £25 for four courses 


Baked salsify & parmesan

Beetroot & soft boiled egg salad with mustard leaf & horseradish

Chicken or beef with all the trimmings

Vegetarian option: Root vegetable & confit onion stuffed January king cabbage (please let us know if you are vegetarian by emailing dantesstreetfood@gmail.com ) 

Rhubarb & apple crumble tart with custard

Dante’s Food Presents Sinner, Saint & Purgatory @ The Victoria – £23


Baked leek hearts, manchego snow & scarlet harlot dip

Back in black mackerel, block rockin’ beets & blood orange

Crisp chicken galantine, pickled walnut & January King slaw

Rhubarbara Streisand custard doughnuts

Dante’s F*ck Valentines @ The Dark Horse – £30


Crisp (love) mussel & oyster mayo

Whole (spit) roast cauliflower, cheese & truffle

Duck (broken) heart & blood (spilt) orange

Boner marrow, pickled onion & parsley deep throater

Pigs head & tail, fried oysters, steamed bao, pickles & kimchi bossam
Dark sauces:
Octo Vinaigrette
Red dragon sauce
Ginger & spring onion

Black vinegar, (slippery when wet) squid, cucumber & seaweed salad

An orgy of desserts


See you there!

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