Wing’s Diner at Small Bar

I am ashamed that I haven’t written these guys up properly yet. I have been talking the chicken leg off anyone that will listen about how much I love the food at Wing’s Diner, they’re all up in my gram, my twitter feed, I recommend them to anyone who will listen and I am probably eating there at least once a fortnight.


Wing’s Diner Burger 


Wayne and Kev are two fried chicken slingers who have been popping up around Bristol (and once in Cardiff) bringing their version of the crispy good stuff to the hungry public. The twist is the East Asian flavours they’re adding to their 24-hour buttermilk-soaked chicken breast and thighs, my favourite is their spicy Korean style sauce, it’s sweet and spicy and they will not give me the recipe no matter how much I beg. You can also opt for a spicy peanut sauce, srirachanaise and their chicken gravy which I have been informed is bloody lovely (I don’t like gravy, no I don’t care what you think about that).


Their chicken really is some of the best that I’ve had and I am so glad Bristol has embraced them as much as I have. Not only are their burgers enormous and juicy, their wings are delicious and their loaded fries are a must try. A basket of hot, fresh fries, loaded with fried chicken and finished with either korean sauce or gravy. Honestly choosing between these two on a lunchtime is not unlike trying to choose between my children if I were to have any.


They haven’t forgotten about those who don’t partake in the eating of chicken, utilising that most revered of vegan and veggie plants, the jackfruit. You can have this tossed with the sauce of your choice and heaped into a bun or loaded onto fries as above.


small bar menu
Wing’s Diner Menu 


The final cherry on the fried chicken cake is that Wing’s Diner is in Small Bar and nothing goes better with fried chicken than a great beer and Small Bar has plenty of that. I would recommend something light and cold to really compliment your food.


You can find Wing’s Diner in permanent residence at Small Bar, find out more here!

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