Bristol Spirit – Open for business

If you haven’t picked up on the buzz surrounding Espensen Spirit in the last few months you have possibly had your head in a cave or you don’t drink. The flavoured and perfectly packaged gins and vodkas made by Sam Espensen and Phil Gillies hit the shelves just before Christmas and have been winging their way to homes and bars in the South West with great aplomb!

wp-1484067032119.jpgAlong with the the Espensen Sprit range the pair have also set their eyes on opening a bar beneath the office premises, previously Cafe Des Amis, in Redfield adding a welcome new venue for the area.

Tickets for their “Bowie Brunch” Saturday 14th Jan, have been selling quickly and promises fantastic food from resident chef and manager Oliver Tidman of Mathilda’s Chilli fame and Bowie records spun by DJ Madam Gibbo.

From the 20th Jan, the venue aims to be open 3 days a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturdays) selling Middle Eastern themed small plates and drinks and, from February, cakes and coffees in the morning. They will also be renting the kitchen and space to pop ups, run ticketed events, plan to have roasts and even have a gallery area for showcase some of the best artists Bristol have to offer. wp-1484067056857.jpg

To apply for gallery or pop up space send an email to




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