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Pork, apple and stuffing mini pies

Mini or “hand” pies are apparently the new Pintrest craze sweeping the nations. A pie, you can hold, in your hand? WITCHCRAFT! Sweet or savoury, the Americans think they are on to something with these single serving pastries. As a Brit, i know we got there  first with pork pies, Cornish Pasties and eccles cakes,… Continue reading Pork, apple and stuffing mini pies

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Raised beds, raised spirits.

Last weekend I didn’t go to the allotment. I was tormented by guilt the entire day but really I just needed a break. I’ve been struggling with everything, fearing I’m falling behind, fearing I’m too stupid, feeble, weak, slapdash to get anything done and the whole allotment thing has been another example of my inability… Continue reading Raised beds, raised spirits.

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Newspaper pots, crowbars and two tons of poo.

Its no secret to those that follow me on twitter that I am getting increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with the sheer work that I need to put into my allotment to even start growing anything. I have inherited a rectangle of grass with trenches. I did my best to keep positive with every spade full… Continue reading Newspaper pots, crowbars and two tons of poo.