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B&Q is where my will to live, died.

I have been described by a friend on the allotment as negative, pessimistic as you will. My reasoning is if you already expect to be disappointed, you will feel better when you aren’t. I try not to allow myself to get excited by anything too much these days unless its physically happening or in my… Continue reading B&Q is where my will to live, died.

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Rhubarb and strawberry jam

Allotmenting has paid off in parts, i have a near inexhaustible supply of rhubarb which is a God send if you a) like it as much as i do and b) are disgusted by what people are charging for it. Triffids Seriously, i shlepped home with an easy 2.5Kg the other week (after prep) and… Continue reading Rhubarb and strawberry jam

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Pork, apple and stuffing mini pies

Mini or “hand” pies are apparently the new Pintrest craze sweeping the nations. A pie, you can hold, in your hand? WITCHCRAFT! Sweet or savoury, the Americans think they are on to something with these single serving pastries. As a Brit, i know we got there  first with pork pies, Cornish Pasties and eccles cakes,… Continue reading Pork, apple and stuffing mini pies

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Raised beds, raised spirits.

Last weekend I didn’t go to the allotment. I was tormented by guilt the entire day but really I just needed a break. I’ve been struggling with everything, fearing I’m falling behind, fearing I’m too stupid, feeble, weak, slapdash to get anything done and the whole allotment thing has been another example of my inability… Continue reading Raised beds, raised spirits.