Review – Small Bar, Bristol

Well as i eat out at least once a week i thought i would throw my hat into the ring and do the odd review as well as the crafting and cooking. Lets face it, who can actually be bothered to cook EVERY night?

Last night myself and my partner headed around to Small Bar on Kings Street in Bristol to sample the delights of their new, permanent kitchen fixture. Small Bar have had a good few pop up eateries through the doors since they opened but have decided to stick with something a bit more long term and have headed down the BBQ root. I was particularly intrigued firstly because i sort of know the chef and had been chatting with him on a boozy night out about the menu and secondly because everyone is doing BBQ, some better than others (worth looking up how Gas and Co on Whiteladies Road are fairing, which is pretty badly!).


I have to say i was not disappointed, all sandwiches are £6.50 each with the choice of a Turkey Club, Pulled shoulder of pork with chipotle, a veal french dipped beef number and a veggie haggis burger.

We both went for the pork shoulder and went for two sides, the handcut fries and the fried chillies and pickles in an IPA batter.

I will say the portions are ENORMOUS and having two sides to share was actually greedy! Te pork was beautifully cooked, generously put with a lovely, creamy coleslaw and lashings of BBQ sauce betwixt two pieces of multigrain Hobbs House bread. The fries were beautifully seasoned and the pickles were to die for, light batter, not greasy with a few hot ones to get the blood pumping.


My only criticism would be that the pork didn’t have much of a chilli kick but that is more than catered for with the choice of three chilli sauces that come with your condiments. I was only brave enough to try the milder of the three and the death chilli one came with a warning from the server. I would suggest try before you use, don’t ruin your meal!


Definitely worth a visit, the meal cost us £18 between us plus drinks (Small Bar being well famed for its incredible selection of craft beers).

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  1. Ali and I went to Gas and Co the other night… it was a little disappointing… quite expensive and the burnt ends were too tough to eat really. will check out small bar… looks good. although I do have a small mountain of pulled pork in my freezer right now…

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