The Vittoria Pub, Whiteladies and Chris and Jos kitchen

The quest for the best roast in Bristol is a long and arduous one. Many people have claimed to have the best (and the louder they shout the more flimsy their product), many people have claimed to have had the best (and you have to wonder if they have taken a blow to the head and lost their sense of taste) and most just want a decent portion, crispy roasties, fresh veg and somewhere to sit that isn’t overrun with drunks/kids/braying tossers.

If you want to read a proper, comprehensive guide to the Bristol roast i highly recommend having a gander at A Life Less Organised by the lovely @Shonette (I think it is up to 4 parts now?) otherwise i suggest you might want to head over to The Vittoria on Whiteladies Road next time you are in the area. Cooking duo Chris and Jo have taken over the kitchen in the recently refurbished, wee boozer tucked back a little from the main street, only a few doors down from the cursed Gas & Co building. Thankfully the curse doesn’t seem to have stretched too far down the road and as we left the pub was filling up nicely with hungry people.

A full menu was offered on top of the three roast choices (chicken, beef or veggie options) and i opted for the safe choice of chicken and he had beef. It’s a bit of a rule in my head to never order the beef your first time at a roast. Too many times i have been served what can only be described as sad shoe leather and have had to look mournfully at everyone else tucking into pork crackling and chicken skin whilst i contemplated fashioning a pair of cheap Birkenstocks from my dinner. Thankfully the boy’s beef was tender and soft and my chicken was moist and served with the skin on.

The portions are, what i described as Christmas dinner sized. This is the sort of dinner your mum or your nana serves because they are convinced you are starving since you moved to the big city to pursue your blogging dreams. The meals are also less than £10 each. How they manage it i don’t know but on our plates were roasties, yorkshires (sadly mine was a bit overdone but the gravy sorted that out), swede, green beans, red cabbage, green cabbage, carrots, sprouted broccoli, two types of stuffing and i got bread sauce whilst he got horseradish. I couldn’t finish it. I tried, i was valiant in my effort but i couldn’t thumb it in.

I highly recommend popping in for a meal any day of the week, i had this monstrous “fish-finger” sandwich not so long ago and could have died of happiness. It had fried potato in it. FRIED POTATO.


You can find the Vittoria here and Chris and Jo here

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