Bar44 Sunday Roast – Review

I don’t get to see Bristol Eating Adventures often enough so a free weekend for both of us meant suggestions of booze and food were top of the list of things to discuss. After a few months of drooling over the Bar44 Sunday roast pictures that have been gracing social media for the last few months, we both thought we were overdue a visit.


Sadly I let everyone down the night before by going on a bit of a bender so I was not feeling either bright eyed or bushy tailed when I finally fell through the door for our lunch booking. After swearing off alcohol for all of 15 minutes, I had a sip of my friend’s white sangria and suddenly my brain decided this was the only thing that could possibly get me through the rest of the day.


Cocktails ordered, food was in desperate need and luckily for me the Sunday roast concept was a simple one. The choices are between beef or pork which are served tapas style on the table with a selection of vegetables, chorizo baked yorkie pud, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and red wine gravy. We opted for the beef and were warned that as it’s cooked to order there would be a wait, no excuses needed from us, we ordered a round of fresh bread and oil and a few croquettes to keep us motivated along with another round of those sangrias.


The mains arrived and the plates just kept coming, sweet, heritage, honey roast carrots, grilled hispi cabbage with jamon butter, manchego and truffled cauli cheese and crispy jamon fat roasties were just a selection of what we had to pick from in front of us as well as an expertly cooked, succulent and rare piece of sirloin beef.


A note to the staff here too, it’s always a joy to find somewhere where the staff seem to really enjoy what they do and believe in what they’re serving. We were looked after wonderfully by our waitress and even managed to get my cracking a smile or two despite wanting to curl up under the table for a nap!


At £38 for two, this roast is absolutely at the top end of what I would comfortably pay for a roast, but we both felt like as a treat it was worth every single penny. The restaurant was criminally quiet for such an incredible offering so get yourself booked in quickly before the secret gets out!

Find Bar44 online here!


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