Inn on the Green -Sunday Roast

I’ve been trying to up my game with my photos in recent weeks, reading blogs on how to get the most of out your camera phone, how to set a scene, use the light etc. I have a long way to go but i feel i am getting a little better and i can start replacing some of the shockers

One tip i read was “never use the flash”. Problem with eating at The Inn on the Green is they seem to be trying to save money on light-bulbs, its so dark in there i am considering next time bringing my own table lamp so i can read the menu, however you will see in the pictures the difference in a flash and none flash photo, despite the latter being dark, at least its not bright and garish, i tried to mess with the levels but i am still amateur. Sadly the non flash photo i took of the marrow was out of focus. Can’t win!

Anyway you haven’t come here to read about me floundering with camera phones. When i heard Luke, the ex head chef at The Bank had moved a bit closer to me to The Inn on the Green in Horfield i was very pleased id have more chance of getting a space on spare of the moment rather than having to call and book like before, i love The Bank but only having 4/5 tables proves to be a bit tricky if you’re not organised.


I had bone marrow on toast to start, came on a board (boo) but two good portions, plenty of toast, dripping and pickled red onion to cut through the rich fat. Had to leave some in the end as worried i wouldn’t eat my main. Would have preferred a plate as a lot of the fat dripped onto the table but a minor niggle.

For main i had the pork, BF had the beef, good portions of meat, al dente broccoli, spiced red cabbage, potatoes, parsnips, pumpkin puree and a fab yorkie pudding. Pork was melt in the mouth and the beef was med rare and very good. The puree was a lovely addition, sweet, thick and a bit different to the usual horseradish or apple sauce you’d expect, lucky as we weren’t offered either but i could have got some if i had wanted it. Only negative was my potatoes weren’t as crispy as i’d like but very minor. Both meals came on plates, none of this sharing platter of bits in the middle of the table nonsense i wish chefs would stop doing.

Mains are £10.50


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