Chicken Crackling – Better than pork scratchings!

I would hope that you all would know that when it comes to food, I will happily put most things into my mouth. I have a write up coming soon about sharing half a pigs head with friends in a local pub, I will try almost anything once. But something I haven’t ever gotten on with is a pork scratching.

These fatty, often hairy and foisty smelling pub snacks almost always guarantee me wrinkling my nose up in disgust and refusing to put one anywhere near my face. I had a good laugh with a friend recently who had only ever heard about pork scratchings on Eastenders and curious bought some from a petrol station. Merely a few seconds after opening the offending item, they were thrown from the moving car and never eaten again.


So when I was given the opportunity to try Chicken Crackling, I was dubious. Sure chicken skin is one of the greatest things on the planet next to peanut butter and a cold pint on a summers day but could it be translated to a salty bar snack that wouldn’t leave me feeling rotten?

I was sent samples of both the sea salt flavour and habanero and have been snacking on these crunchy treasures all week.  They lack the oiliness that crackling tends to have but textually were far crunchier than I was expecting. The flavouring is simple which allowed the natural chicken flavour to shine through, these would taste great crumbled onto fried eggs or into a soup.


Lastly, as someone lifting weights, I was happy to see they were high in protein, something us lifters need for muscle growth and appetite satiation.

Fancy winning some of these fab snacks? Hit this link and enter the competition!

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Please note, these products were gifted and this post is an ad. 



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