The Coffee House Project is back and more caffeinated than ever.

If I had to pick a drink I love as much as wanky beer, it would be bloody good coffee. Learning to be a barista a few years ago really bought new understanding to the phrase “ignorance is bliss”, I finally knew that bitter coffee was burned, not strong and good coffee was something to be savoured, not just a way to get your brain engaged in the morning.

Two people that seem to be on the same wavelength as me is Sofia and Lou, who are bringing The Coffee House Project back to Bristol on the 7th and 8th of September. After last years successful first event, this year they’re focussing on sustainability with their #CHOOSETOREUSE campaign, encouraging al festival-goers to bring a keep cup or loan on for the day as disposable cups have been banned. They’re also bringing back the barista vs bartender comp, having the best in cappuccinos and Cosmopolitans go head to head in a cocktail making competition.

CHP Baristavsbartendersplitwithsponserandlogo-01

During the day, you will be treated to fine food and drink (and of course plenty of coffee) whilst the evening will have The Passenger Shed transformed into a party venue, with live DJs, beer and espresso martinis available at the bar.

There will also be workshops for those wanting to know more about how coffee is produced and presented, you will probably find me learning about latte art with Dhan Tamang.

Don’t forget to download the event podcast for more info and entertainment, the link to last years is right here.

For more tickets, info or to just enjoy some of the rad art that’s been created alongside the content, head to the website. See you there!

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