Your New Favourite Sunday Roast @ Vittoria Bristol

I doubt there is anything more contentious than opinions on roast dinners. Most of you will have your favourites, homemade or eaten out and most of you will FIGHT TO THE DEATH to explain why their favourite is the only one worth having.

So, just to add to the confusion, I am lobbing another fantastic roast into the scrum.


The Vittoria, as mentioned before, has a new kitchen team in (you can find their IG here) and they really know their gravy. With Vittoria staff looking after patrons with bottomless Bloody Mary’s for £5 and a selection of fine beers and cocktails upfront, the true Sunday magic is happening behind the scenes.

The menu is short, I like that. Beef, pork or veggie and one pudding are available to you. We went for beef and pork because we’re not idiots. After a short wait, plates bowing under the sheer weight of food were presented, piping hot and accompanied with plenty of condiment extras.

The Sunday Roast at The Vittoria 

The beef was served pink and juicy alongside its bone marrow brother, the marrow rich, fatty and the perfect thing to spread onto the monster yorkshire pudding with the punchy homemade horseradish. The pork belly, served with rib and a sweet, tangy apple and cracking croquette, was melt in the mouth good. We also had braised cabbage, broccoli cheese, sweet carrot and the crispiest roasties.

To top it off, we were treated to some live, New Orleans style jazz, playing hits that even I knew! The tight band crooned and played me into the ultimate Sunday evening food coma where I spent the rest of the evening sighing heavily and watching re-runs of Midsomer Murders. It’s a hard life.

To book your table, contact The Vittoria by phone on 0117 973 3250


NB I was not expecting this meal to be given free of charge but some of us get lucky, eh? This in no way changed my opinion, you can see the photo, get over there now.

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