Dinner By Ness – Tapas Sunday Roast Review

“Tapas Sunday Roast, what the hell is that when it’s at home” huffed and puffed a few members of the Sunday Roast Club when Bristol Spirit’s latest pop up was announced. Personally, I thought it was pretty self-explanatory but you come to expect a level of cynicism and rudeness from that group more often than not.


Pouty roasters aside, the idea is genius. The traditional roast is separated into its best bits, roast potatoes, Granny Cool marmalade roasted carrots, slow-cooked lamb etc and guests can pick and choose between two the bits they like. The dishes are predominantly vegan and veggie orientated which means that any meaty dishes can really shine, something that lacks sometimes with other roasts cooked en-mass.


Of course, to really review something like this, you have to order one of everything, which what my dining buddy and myself did, greedy gannets we are. The plates arrived in waves as you would expect with tapas and we were starting to perhaps regret the amount we ordered. Our eyes were wide as saucers as we tucked into enough for more more than two people, a vegan mince pie sweet with herbs, fluffy mini yorkshires, half an aubergine packed with Meditteranean inspired spices, currants and tomato, broccoli and cauliflower drowning in a rich cheese sauce and lashings of gravy were split, devoured and picked at over a bottle of good red wine. Ness also provided us with a bowl of roast potato scraps (the bits left over after roasting that go really crisp!) that provided a delicious crumb over our lunch.


Ordering the entire lot worked out around Ā£15 a head, and we could have stopped eating long before we did and have been satisfied. This style of eating is perfect for picky couples, chilled groups and those who don’t eat meat but can’t stand the sight of another dry nut roast. Make sure you get yourself booked in ASAP as this incredible gem won’t stay quiet for long!


Please note, Ness invited me to eat but pay for my meal by making a donation to Caring In Bristol of which I happily obliged. Follow the link to make a donation yourself.

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