Review – The Burger Joint

Working literally next door to one of the most well known burger places in Bristol (as featured in the Independent this week!) has been pure torture. Hot summer days with the office window wide open has sent me completely mad after hours of smelling the waft of burger and fries.

The Burger Joint has been flipping patties for nearly 8 years and lets you be the boss of your own dinner destiny. Using a form to mark your choice of bun, meat, toppings, sauces and sides they say there are over 70,000 combinations waiting for you to try.


After launching their latest menu incarnation i was invited to come and see what they had been up to lately. Accompanied by a friend we headed over on a weekday night for a an early dinner and noted the restaurant was already looking busy. After we were seated by the wonderfully welcoming manager we opted to start with some soft drinks…and then ordered beers because we are grown women and it was a Wednesday. Pleased to see Lost and Groundeds’ “Running with Sceptres” on the specials menu we ordered two of those which turned up with frosty glasses.


On our tick sheets I went for a beef patty on ciabatta with bacon, onion rings and brie. I asked for peanut butter and garlic mayo for my sauces and chunky chips for a side. My companion had sautéed onions, bacon and Monterey Jack cheese with a side of onion rings. Also on the menu were truffle fries, a delicious looking beetroot and feta burger and a great range of more exotic meats including wild boar and kangaroo.

The portions, as usual were more than generous with towering, stacked burgers, mounds of crispy chips and the onion rings were plentiful. You are provided with a generous portion of sauce served on the side which frankly sticks two fingers up at a famous burger restaurant claiming you can “have it your way”. I was happy to see my burger wasn’t served pink, a trend I personally can’t bare, uncooked beef mince is a bit too much of a gamble if you ask me. The burgers can be served without buns for the bread-phobic and they also offer a range of salads, vegetarian and vegan options.


With The Burger Joints’ commitment to great burgers and a new menu with even more choice for vegetarian and vegan patrons they continue to hold onto their crown as one of the best burger restaurants in Bristol. Find them in Clifton, Fishponds and Bedminster.

*Please note I received my meal free of charge but this in no way influenced my review*

2 Replies to “Review – The Burger Joint”

  1. Delightful dining by all accounts and a banging banquet. I must admit I’ve not experienced this particular joint but will say one of the finest burgers I tasted was at Big Balas Burger Bar. Those patties were cooked to perfection admittedly its been some 25 years since I took a bite into one of them burgers but I still got a good memory for them succulent burgers and bacon mayo condiment, as you quite rightly point out who wants a pink burger!? If it aint cooked through it just wont do, bala didn’t need no coaching on that matter it was like the guy could read your mind. Are you sure you haven’t heard of “Big Bala” the most interesting man this side of the orion spur? Thanks for your written word.


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