It’s competition time at Eat The Bird – Taunton.

If you’re anything like me you absolutely love fried chicken and are pretty confident in your ability to smash your way through a hell of a lot of it. Now is the chance to put your money where your mouth is by heading to Taunton on the 27th of May and participating in Eat The Bird’s two competitions.

chicken wings

First, you have to ask yourself “How hot can you handle?”. You will be subjected to 5 spice levels liberally applied to chicken wings and eaten over 5 rounds, only qualifying if you finish the first 4 rounds within 3 minutes. To win you must finish first in round 5, you will not be allowed drinks so think hard before you enter!

Round two demands to know “How Fast Can You Strip?”, please keep your tops on and take your seat to be the first to strip and eat 30 big wings before everyone else!

To try your hand and partake in the fun either book your entry online or at the restaurant (you can enter up to 20 minutes before the start) and every entrant receives a free beer.

For more details head to Eat The Bird’s website here 

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