Creative Sliders @ Bristol Spirit

Burgers! Bristol is a city of burgers. Big ones, small ones, good ones, bad ones but regardless we still want more.

Winner of last years Bath Food Awards in the best burger category, Creative Sliders has climbed the hill to show us how Bath does it. Fran, the man behind the slider, has had pretty much every job going in the service industry but always felt he something to give when it came to cooking. After a successful residency at Juno, he’s got a week left at Bristol Spirit and you all need to head over ASAP.


The Creative Sliders Menu


I popped in and was treated to a selection of the sliders on offer, for the uninitiated a slider is usually around half the size of a “normal” burger meaning you can try more than one. I shared five #NoRegrets.

The menu covers the holy trinity of burger options, beef, chicken and a veggie options and are served to you individually. You then choose your theme according to the menu, these are a set of “classics” and specials. There are plenty of side options including three type of loaded fries and big, spicy wings which turns dinner into an event.


The Mexicano with beef, guac, spicy gherkins and tortilla chips.


These sliders are having an identity crisis, they’re tall. thick and very substantial. In my head a slider could be demolished in two bites, these require far more. In fact, when I was trying to eat my BBQ buttermilk chicken slider my jaw creaked so loudly it made my dinner partner turn around in horror. The chicken, by the way, was utterly delicious. A thick breast of moist, juicy chicken, deep fried and slathered with BBQ sauce, thick bacon, cheese and some of the sweetest red onions I’ve tasted in a long time.


One of the specials, The Amy. Black pudding, pork belly and a sweet ginger glaze. 


With Fran also being a butcher, the meat was all top notch, the beef patties retained that “homemade”  taste that most of the bigger places have lost. You know what I mean, that extra beefy patty that’s dense but also a little crumbly with plenty of seasoning. I had the beef for both The Classic and Mexicano and they were fab.

Creative Sliders are only in town for four more evenings, Wed 28th March to Saturday 31st March so book your table ASAP and try these fab sliders before you miss out!

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