Tsukemono Are Back With #NotRamen @ Bristol Spirit.

If you’re feeling this recent cold snap chill you down to the bone and back out the other side, I have the news for you.

Much loved, admired and followed across the city, Tsukemono is back in residence at Bristol Spirit and have changed up the menu to counteract this cold, cold weather. Alongside their much-loved sides and Okonomiyaki, they will be serving steaming bowls of noodles and broth, served with plenty of toppings. Do not go in asking for ramen though, you will be disappointed, this is different and as delicious.


The choices are easy. Will it be thick and slippery udon, covered in either a homemade broth or curry sauce and topped with either fried chicken or squash or pork and kimchi?


Or maybe you are in the mood for wholesome and slim soba noodles? Your soba will sit in a pool of broth with choices of grilled chicken, deep fried squash or tofu.

You don’t need to wait long before you can tuck into this amazing new menu, they start serving on the 6th of February but I highly suggest you book. These tables will not last long!


Get in contact with Bristol Spirit via email on info@espensenspirit.com to book your table and don’t forget to try some of the in house cocktails. It’s not dry January anymore…



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