Le Beouf & Lobster @ Bristol Spirit

I know I review the pop-ups at Bristol Spirit a lot, but with them getting in some my favourite popup staples (Wings Diner and Tsukemono being just two of them!) before they get famous, they’re my insider tip to try some great food before everyone else realises.


The latest guests in this Redfield kitchen is Le Beouf & Lobster who cut their teeth on the festival circuit. The name pretty much sums up the offering here, burgers, lobster and a range of small plates including mac and cheese and crayfish salad.

I booked a table as part of my Ladies WIthout Babies meeting and we ordered greedily, I opted for the smoked cheeseburger with a side of mini lobster mac, my friend, the lobster burger with a side of “sourdough wedges” and salted butter and the other went for the half lobster and a side salad. You also had a choice of fry toppings, either sweet and punchy whisky BBQ or garlic and bacon mayo.


I really enjoyed the burger, the chef has opted for a smashed patty (ooh er) rather than a traditional one which meant I was treated to two juicy burgers, with a few crispy bits topped with crispy onions, BBQ sauce, house sauce and smoked cheese. My friend’s burger had the same patties topped with a lobster tail and claw and generously coated in a gruyere cheese sauce.


Both burgers did what you wanted, oozed out the side as you bit in, caused a mess but worked in total harmony in your mouth. The half lobster on the other plate was small, but also came with a few crevettes in garlic butter to off-set this, which felt really thoughtful. Last but not least, the mac and cheese was glorious, rich, homemade and not really messed with, save the lobster claw meat placed on top (show me any other meal where essentially a severed hand can be served without blinking an eye!).


Le Beouf & Lobster have managed to bring a touch of luxe to Redfield this summer without insisting on tablecloths or napkins. The burgers have that great homemade taste and you could easily do an entire dinner on there selection of sides for the full experience.

They’re only in town for a few more weeks so don’t miss out

You can book on Resdiary here


L&B menu

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