Product review – Lemonaid and ChariTea

I was sent a box of lemonade and tea based drinks who’s producers are trying to create social change. Starting as a small outfit in 2008 they have since grown and have raised over £560,000 for development projects in the communities of the organic, Fairtrade farmers that grow their ingredients. The aim is top help these communities help themselves, a cause I can absolutely get behind.

The bottles themselves are beautiful, they are glass so not good for taking far but chilled right down they were refreshing, fruity and not too sweet.

The ChariTea drinks tasted very strongly of tea, in a good way. A lot of iced tea seems to lack that unmistakable, tannin flavour and over do it with the fruit and sugar, not these guys. I especially enjoyed the ChariTea Mate, which is award-winning, and its clean, tea flavour. It’s also carbonated and I really enjoyed kicking back at the allotment with one after a hot day painting and digging. I gave the ChariTea Green (green tea, ginger and honey) to my boyfriend as he has a real thing for Macha tea. He loved it, he chilled it down and added it to  a glass and ice and said it was incredibly refreshing.

The Lemonaid drinks were my favourites of the samples and i tried these “straight” and one with booze…because why not?

The Lemonaid Lime was wonderfully balanced between tart and sweet. I had it in a tall glass with ice and some added mint and it was a wonderful, cooling drink. I could certainly see myself ordering this in a restaurant if I wasn’t drinking. The booklet that came with my drinks suggested i try the Lemonaid with passion fruit and vanilla vodka. Lucky for me i had made vanilla vodka a few months before so had a healthy supply.  I added a shot of vodka straight to the bottle turn it over a few times to mix. The result was really lovely, the vodka really turned the drink into something a bit special and this was enjoyed sitting out on my steps enjoying the evening sun and listening to some music. It was bliss.

All in all with the packaging, the ethos and the taste being so attractive i would certainly order one of these in a restaurant and would provide  a much needed change from a watery glass of pop or a orange juice from the pub. Helping a worthwhile charitable cause whilst quenching your thirst sounds almost too easy!

You can find more information on these drinks here and here 




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  1. I received today 8 bottles of tea and lemonade as test box tried 2 of 8 bottles amazing taste the green tea and the lemonade with mango

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