The Cauldron & Squeezed collab

Imagine the excitement that ripped through the foodie crowd in Bristol when Cauldron announced their next collab night was with the fantastic Squeezed burgers. For only £20 some lucky diners who booked their place quick were going to experience flamed grilled patties, those incredible sauces, Cauldron’s fantastic chips and of course, LEMONADE!

Lemonade Options

We were presented with the option of two lemonade flavours, the Punky Pinky (Watermelon, Rosemary & Fresh Lemon) and the Red Queen (Blood Orange, Rose & Fresh Lemon) and the option of boozing those babies up. I went for the Punky Pinky with gin and my friend had the Red Queen, also with gin, a great start to a big meal.


Proper lemonade


We had a ton of options to choose from when it came to mains, personally, I can’t get enough of Alex’s peanut chipotle so it was the double Reverse Cowgirl for me and my dining partner but we could have had the “You’re Mum’s a Poussin” a juicy, vodka brined fried chicken burger with chicken fat aioli, avocado and salted kholrabi ribbons. If I hadn’t gorged myself on chicken burgers earlier in the week, I definitely would have gone for this.

The Reverse Cowgirl

We also had the option of picking a side each, we went for the BBQ beans and the jalapeno poppers. The beans were the best goddamn BBQ beans I have ever had. Beans reduced in a smoked apple BBQ sauce over fire in a cast iron pan, thick, sticky beans that burst with flavour. If I could wrestle them for the recipe I would.

Dem patties tho

The burgers themselves were towering beef behemoths, stuffed with cheese, sauce, bacon and scallions. Served with thick cut chips and salad. The burger was a cut in half and flatten out jobber that couldn’t be eaten without rivers of sauce running down your chin. The novelty of finally enjoying a Squeezed burger, sat down inside was not lost on me either, an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Pudding was a choice between a strawberry milkshake parfait and a key lime pie. We went for the pie which was served in a cast iron pan and to my horror, deconstructed. Pity me for I should have had more faith in the guys, I HATE deconstructed desserts but this was a perfect size and substantial. Crumbled speculaas biscuits topped with a dollop of lime curd and finished with cubes of lime jelly. After a big, greasy burger it was a nice punchy finish and not too sweet or heavy.

Key Lime Pile Driver

I implore you to keep an eye out for the next collab night via Cauldron’s twitter account, I have been to two out of three now and both have been utterly blinding. If you can’t make it, do make a point to visit these two fantastic eating establishments, Cauldron is doing a bang up job introducing patrons to the power of fire fueled cooking and burgers from Squeezed are out of this world.

Psst if you want to bring some fire into your home cooking, check out Cauldron’s side project on Youtube, Food On Fire TV.

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