Food Connections 2018

Anyone that eats food for more than just fuel should know about Food Connections, the festival that celebrates all things local, sustainable and foodie is back for 2018 with the focus on the theme “Time”. This year instead of the traditional one-day tented festival,  Food Connections has decided to put the power into the hands of the traders and will instead be facilitating a city-wide event spanning the 11th to 17th June.


From fermentation to bread making, garden parties to learning how to make Chinese dumplings there is an event everyone with even just a passing interest in food.


For a full list of what’s on, head to the website here and choose between over 100 events that are citywide. If you fancy getting involved further Food Connections would love for you to “make time” if that’s sharing food, eating together or even changing something about the way you see and consume the food and resources around you. Have a look at their “Time to connect through food” page for more information.



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