Breakfast of champions, quesadilla

This house seems to have an irritatingly constant supply of forgotten, stale tortillas. I buy them, use two then the rest sit there slowly going from soft vessels for dips and chilli to brittle table mats then they are thrown away.


Lucky for these forgotten flat breads someone ate the last of the white sliced and I fancied bacon and eggs. Hence the breakfast quesadilla was born.


You can put literally whatever you like in here but and i opted for the classic. Plus it was an excuse to slather on the exquisite chipotle ketchup by Ginger beard made with beer from Moor Beer creating a very Bristol breakfast. The sauce and his other fab products can be found in local shops, check his website or Twitter for new things.


It’s important to do your prep first, chop everything and keep an eye when you’re cooking the tortillas, mine caught a little whilst I was having an argument on Twitter.


You will need
Two tortillas
One medium potato chopped into small cubes
Half an onion chopped into small cubes
Two rashers of smoked bacon, chopped into small cubes
30g finely grated mature cheddar
2 tblsp tomato sauce or chipotle ketchup
1 egg fried or scrambled
Tabasco to taste
Seasoning and oil for frying


Oven on 200c

Parboil your potato cubes for 15 mins and drain, leave to dry

Start to fry your bacon, you want it really crispy, add your onions and potatoes until soft and crispy. Put to one side

Fry or scramble your egg and put to one side

Spread you sauce onto the tortillas and put into a frying pan on a low heat add you bacon and potato, then the egg and finally the cheese. Cook for a few minutes, place the second tortilla on top and flip everything over.

Brown the other side and carefully move the quesadilla into the oven.

Cook for around 10 mins but keep an eye on it.

Remove, slice into four and consume in front of Saturday Kitchen with coffee served in your Lumpy Space Princess mug.


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