Honey & lime chicken with blue cheese sweet potatoes

Chatting to a friend this weekend he was telling me about how much better his life was without social media. Of course I pulled this face


I love social media, I love blogging, i love the relationships I’ve built, the sharing of ideas and events, the support, everything.

What better way to celebrate our differences than to blog a recipe he and his wife introduced me to? Mashed sweet potatoes with veins of delicious salty blue cheese and a dash of cinnamon, very rich and indulgent but really easy. The chicken, a recipe I adapted from a Buzzfeed article, takes a little more work but barely.

You will need

4 chicken thighs
1/8 cup of olive oil
1 lime
1.5 tblsp honey
1 chilli
2 peeled and chopped sweet potatoes
35g blue cheese
1/2tsp cinnamon
Carrots, enough for two


In a food processor put in the oil, juice of the lime, honey and chopped chilli. Whizz until combined and thick. Poor into a sandwich bag, place the chicken in the bag and give it a good rub to get the marinade in all the best places then pop in the fridge for a minimum of an hour, preferably overnight. Once ready, season and pop onto a rack and into a oven heated to 200c and cook until the skin was crispy and the juices run clear.

Whilst the chicken is cooking boil or steam the potatoes until soft all the way through, drain and place in a bowl. Crumble the cheese and cinnamon and give it a good mix.

Serve with steamed carrots and tweet your pictures as my friend will never know

Around 635cals per portion


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