Pigsy, Gloucester Road – Review

All praise the porcine princes that are Pigsty (and Jolly Hog) brothers (and friend) who have expanded the restaurant at Cargo, Wapping Wharf to a second, larger site on Gloucester Road. Ironically, the space used to be my local gym that was very big on healthy eating, so the porker in me can’t help but smile every time I walk past. Sadly from what I could see, the history of the building didn’t mention the sweat and tears shed in the weight room but did refer to the butchers that used to stand on the site.

Pigsty Pig Mac

They have knocked through the walls that separated the old rooms in the gym which has created a large open dining room area with the kitchen to the rear and bar/till area as you walk in. Knocking through some of the walls seem to have uncovered some traditional green tiles which have been polished up and blend seamlessly with the industrial looking interior. If you can look up from your lunch for a few minutes you will see vintage butchery equipment suspended in steel cages, as well as more exposed tiles from the butchers. They have kept the same dark aesthetic from the shopping container and with the amount of light pouring from the huge front windows, it really works.

The Whole Hog 

We popped in for lunch as I happened to be working from home the same day him indoors had a day off and nabbed a booth. The large windows at the front of the restaurant were wide open to Gloucester Road with a couple already enjoying that prime seating location. We both noted it was a shame the breakfast menu cut off at 12pm, with the focus of Jolly Hog being the quintessential breakfast staples, bacon and sausages, we had hoped for a late brunch (brinner?) but settled instead for a round of burgers and fries. He went for the famous “Pig Mac”, a sausage patty topped with cheese, BBQ pulled pork and baconnasie and I went for the “Whole Hog”, a hulking slab of pork belly sat on a chunky applesauce and topped with slaw and baconnaise. We also ordered fries each too.


My BF’s burger wasn’t quite the towering behemoth I have enjoyed at the Cargo location, with the bf noting that the cheese was overwhelming for his taste. My burger, however, was on the whole gorgeous with plenty of belly pork and crackling. The applesauce was actually a layer of roasted apples with the appealing natural sweetness that is the ultimate combo when it comes to pig. The downside was that the crackling had been helped along a bit with something, I suspect a blowtorch, this sadly resulted in some of my bites tasting acrid and burned. My other negative is that we paid £3.50 for a paultry portion of very average fries, this is criminal!


Despite the niggly bits I really love having Pigsty just down the road from me and I will be back for breakfast, just please extend the breakfast hours and please give me more chips or charge me less for the handful being served.

You can find Pigsty at 79-81 Gloucester Road or their Cargo crate at Wapping Wharf! Look out for their Sausage and Mash Tuesdays 

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