Voodoo-Q BBQ to open on Gloucester Road

A chilli farmer, a spice mogul and a seasoned publican, walk into an empty restaurant and say “this is perfect”.

Voodoo-Q is the combined brainchild of Alex, owner of Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm, James, Technical and Supply Chain Director at Bart’s Ingredientsand Jamie, a seasoned publican who currently runs The Upton Inn also in Upton Cheyney. After a chance meeting between Alex and James, in the pub run by Jamie, the combined expertise and love of all things smoked became too big a draw.

voodooq 1

Starting as a humble smokehouse on the decking in The Upton Inn’s back garden it was soon apparent that they knew their way around a pork butt and Voodoo-Q came to Cirencester. Taking over from Graze, they went the whole hog giving this very traditional town something very different. Open as Voodoo-Q At The Hare, as a nod to Bath Ales, they serve a menu that indulges in their love of meat and heat but also offers more traditional fare for those not quite ready to thumb in a hotdog in polite company.

voodooq 2

The itch wasn’t quite scratched though and the three owners, wanting something a little more Voodoo and a little less clean-cut, took over the long-empty Food Nation Resturant and have started the renovations for an opening aiming for the end of November.

voodooq 3

Photo Credit to Clifton Chilli Club, watch them eat this monstrosity here 

Promising expert BBQ from burgers to brisket and much-needed hotdogs, Voodoo-Q are committed to also feeding Bristol’s veggie and vegan population, often an afterthought in the meat-heavy world of BBQ.  The Voodoo theme will be taken throughout the restaurant with murals of the four pillars of Voodoo, aptly named cocktails and menu items.

Look out for updates on Facebook and Twitter and say hello to Voodoo-Q

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