Naasto Baasto Popup Kitchen

This is Indian food that I would guess most of you haven’t tried before!

Monica Patel is hosting an afternoon of traditional Gujarati home cooking at Bristol Spirit in Redfield. Monica and her mother will be preparing a feast of food using recipes handed down to her by generations of her family.

Monica says that; “Naasto Baasto is a tribute to my ba (grandmother) – who was a wonderful strong woman, and the most caring wife, mum and grandmother. As a homage to the hostess with the mostest, mum and I will be cooking some of our favourite Gujarati dishes, and we’ll be turning Bristol Spirit into my grandparent’s home for the afternoon. Our guests will experience proper Gujju hospitality – recipes which have been passed down for generations, cooked with love and passion. Humble, authentic and largely vegetarian.”

Naasto Baasto 2

There will be a set menu costing £25.00 per head. Guests can buy either a meat or veggie ticket option. The puris, chapatis, and kachori all contain gluten. You can let us know if you’d like a dairy free option after purchasing tickets. Tickets can be purchased through the Bristol Spirit Website here

All dishes will have suggested pairings of Espensen Spirit cocktails, local beers, wines or mocktails – these are not included in the ticket price.

The menu can be found via the link and I can assure you that I am positively counting down the days to get my hand on some traditional thali!

Find Naasto Baasto on Twitter and Facebook!

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