B&Q is where my will to live, died.

I have been described by a friend on the allotment as negative, pessimistic as you will. My reasoning is if you already expect to be disappointed, you will feel better when you aren’t. I try not to allow myself to get excited by anything too much these days unless its physically happening or in my hand. I’m not a miserable person, i just can’t trust anything to right.


Everything on this shed is a damn lie

I posted a rather self depreciating Facebook update where i had finally arranged a lift to B&Q to buy a shed for the allotment and i called on others to bet on something going wrong. I did everything right, i researched what i wanted, called the day before to check things were in stock, turned up early to ensure the stock they promised hadn’t all been bought by crazed shed fanciers, picked what i wanted in the shed display area and went and asked a member of staff for help. The help was not forth coming, i was told “i’m new” and he half heartily pointed in the general direction of some other staff members. They couldn’t help me either and eventually one of my party wandered off and found someone who couldn’t help me either but told the first guy and a second chap who was just putting trolleys back to fetch the shed i wanted.


After a good 20 minutes they came back empty handed claiming the sheds were all “damaged” and they weren’t going to sell one to me. The trolley guy did offer to look in the other warehouse and showed us to a display model that had seen better days but it was no good. Disheartened i went and chose a plastic box to put my stuff in, paid and went on my merry way.


Just as we were heading back to the van, trolley guy caught up with us and said he had found a shed in the size i wanted and would i like to take it? I agreed and he wheeled it out to us. After a bit of a song and dance regarding returns, blocks for a base and paint we finally left 2 hours later, with me frantically rounding up help i had cancelled minutes before. Erick who works in Cribbs,  Bristol B&Q, if you are reading this, you were amazing and prevented a bit of meltdown.


It wasn’t until the base was down and three walls were up i realised it was a double door shed with no windows but i was past caring. I had spent more money on a shed i didn’t want that was also of poorer quality but, now,  i had one. My allotment mate would have my stuff out of his space finally and i could go online and pick up some paint and make the damn thing very much mine.


I couldn’t have done it without my friends, i know some good eggs for sure.


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