All You Can Eat Wednesdays at Harbour & Browns

I am one to celebrate with food at any occasion, that occasion might be as simple as getting halfway through the week without getting fired or having a cry so what better to mark such a momentous occasion than with a slap-up dinner that doesn’t stop?

Mushroom Arancini

Harbour & Browns are the successful sister to Brace & Browns and sit proudly on the second floor of the Wapping Wharf development. Champions and industry leaders in Bristol to the concept of bottomless food, Harbour & Browns have chosen Wednesdays to allow people to celebrate their menu in the best way they know how, by eating as much of it as they can manage for a fixed fee.

Prawns on Foccacia

I have long maintained that Harbour & Browns doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and is serving some of the best tasting food from one of the smallest spaces in the city right now. On Wednesdays the premise is simple. Pick any of the small plates, up to two at a time each, enjoy then order some more! You have an hour and a half to enjoy your food, with your eating paced by the staff (shout out to Gabby doing the work of two people the night we went, give the woman a raise!) so no one is eating more than they can manage.

Beef coquettes

We tried as much of the menu as we could and enjoyed a fantastic mix of veggie, vegan and meat dishes. Rich, earthy mushroom arancini, sweet and succulent prawns on bouncy, fresh focaccia and crunchy, moreish beef cheek croquettes had the three of us smacking our lips and forgoing a lot of conversation in favour of chewing. Greedy eyes constantly scanning the menu whilst enjoying the last few bites of each plate deciding what to order next gamified out dinner somewhat, but we weren’t complaining.

Cheese bacon “slider”

If you’re sick of all your bottomless food options being brunch or, you just want to try something a little different whilst enjoying your money’s worth, get yourself a table booked with some friends and make hump day great again.

Crispy duck and orange salad

Find Harbour&Browns online here.

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