Have You Booked Your Bristol Food Connections Tickets Yet?

Here at BBV towers, we are incredibly excited that Bristol’s premier food festival is back this June with another incredible roster of events put on all over the city.

For a full list of events head to their ticket page here but I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight a few events that I personally can’t wait for!


The Food Passport 

Exploring Bedminster, Clifton and Gloucester Road, these food passports are the perfect opportunity to try a nibble at some of Bristol’s best indie restaurants. Once you’ve bought your passport, you have between 10 – 12 samples or small dishes to try, each visit gets you a stamp and the aim is the collect them all! Either smash it in a day or take your time, it’s the perfect way to explore a new part of the city and maybe finding a new favourite.

Edible Taxidermy 

Vegetarian butcher and taxidermist Racheal Fountain wants to tackle the public disconnect between eating meat and being squeamish about where it comes from. As a keen amateur taxidermist and butcher myself, I am very excited about this one!

Live recording of podcast At The Sauce 

Alex and Karis are recording their fantastic podcast live with some special foodie guests! Head to the fantastic Bristol Spirit to get in on the fun (I also have a spare ticket for this, if you would like to buy it, please get in touch!).

Booze on the brain 

Bar and gin brand owner Sam Espensen will be having a frank and open talk about how booze affects the brain and how the drinks industry has a role to play. She will be joined by an expert in the field to answer questions and bring the science!

Business Bootcamp 

If you own a business that has anything to do with the food industry, this boot camp will be a godsend! Covering everything from tourism to how to make the most out of your Instagram and top marketing and PR tips, you can choose to book the whole hog or just sessions that appeal to you! Come say hello at the marketing and PR talk, I will be on the front row taking notes!







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