The Queer Brewing Project Is Here

Beer is a man’s game, except when it isn’t….

With the brewing industry still suffering from a dude-bro image, those of you that don’t think too much about what you drink would be forgiven in assuming that those who don’t fit that mould don’t have much of a place in the brewing industry.

Looking to change those perceptions and raise some money for charity at the same time is Lily Waite, the brains behind The Queer Brewing Project.


The aim is simple, to shine a light on LGBT+ members of the brewing and hospitality industry and break down the barriers that may dissuade or prevent members of the community from getting involved.

To do this, Lily intends to brew a series of one-off beers with some of the best UK breweries, some of which don’t yet have anyone hired who identifies as LGTB+ to “combat the notion that the responsibility of inciting or fostering social change and advocacy lies solely with those who need it the most.”

lily TQBP
Lily getting stuck in (Pics Nicci Peet)

These exclusive beers will then be available to be sold via keg or can in, hopefully, your local pub and bottle shop. Waite hopes that the beer sales don’t only start conversations at the bar about inclusivity but also raise much-needed funds for some of her most loved charities. These charities have been chosen due to their work within the queer and trans communities who are leading the charge to improve the lives of societies most marginalised and vulnerable people.

So where on earth can you get your hands on the first beer? The launch party is the 26th April at Affinity Brewing Company, London (details here) where the first, official collab beer will be launched. The aptly named “Queer Royale” is an easy drinking pale that’s full to bursting with lip-puckering blackcurrant and kept light with champagne yeast, a quaffable summer sup indeed.

TQBP Fruit
Juicy (Pics Nicci Peet)

If you can’t make it to London, don’t fear!  The keg launch will be UK wide at these sites with Bristol’s incredible Bottles and Books getting in on the action.

To find out more about this incredible project and how to bung Lily a few quid to help this totally (so far) self-funded project come to life, hit up the website and send her some support.

See you at the bar!




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