Holy Heck, It’s Pie Week At Pieminister!

If you like pie as much as me (and that is a lot, I’d have one a week for lunch when I worked closer to Pieminister!) you will be as pleased as pastry to hear that Pieminister has launched Pie Week!

From next week, each day will be dedicated to their fab range of pies from their fabulous Mothership deal to their unique take on the Sunday Lunch. You will be able to pick up deals, discounts and even win a YEARS SUPPLY of pies to share with friends or, more likely, scarf yourself.


If that isn’t enough pie shaped excitement for you, they’re also launching their new “Lady Baa Baa” pie, their “springtime celebration of lamb, root vegetables, red wine, and rosemary”. Sounds absolutely delicious.


For a full list of all the week’s shenanigans, head to the website here and get your table sorted to join in the fun.

Have a pie for me, I will be eating myself silly in Scotland!

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