An Ode To Planet Pizza – Gloucester Road

I am very much guilty of always having my eye on the newest and shiniest of things. Although I might not always go to the latest openings, I make it my business to get down low on them as soon as I hear about them. Socials are followed, friends are questioned, Companies House is utilised for ultimate stalking, yes I can be a bit nuts.

However, amongst this constant strive to report on the latest, it is easy to forget to talk about the consistent stalwarts. Like that childhood friend you always relied on when you needed something but perhaps didn’t treat as kindly as you should have (or you might have been that friend) the regular haunts that always deliver deserve a bit of love too.

Goats Cheese And Caramelised Onion 

Enter stage left Planet Pizza on Gloucester Road, somewhere that I’ve been heading to via all their previous addresses for the last 10 or so years. They don’t offer sourdough bases, truffled anything or exotic cheeses you’ve never heard of (and those things have an indulgent time and place). No, Planet Pizza has a space-themed menu, offering the usual core ingredients on tasty thin bases, with not a single unpronounceable topping in sight. The simplicity is what draws me in here every single time, I know everyone will be catered for, I know the service will be smiley and polite and I know I will get a jellybean with my bill.

My usual go to here is the goat’s cheese and caramelised onion pizza. A crispy 12″ base with the usual tomato and mozzarella base topped with a generous amount of crumbled, tangy goats cheese and dollops of sweet onion. It’s a classic combo and usually results in two slices being taken home for breakfast the next morning. Desserts are mostly homemade too, with a red dot indicating what they’ve crafted by their own fair hands, top tip the sticky toffee pudding portion is massive.

Chicken, Sweetcorn And Onion With Sweet Chilli Sauce

So let us raise a slice of za to the restaurants that keep us fed and fed well but never truly get the hype they deserve. I promise to salute more of you in 2019.



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