Brunch At Bomboloni’s Is Finally Here!

Bedsit Bonne Vivante favourite, Bomboloni has been keeping us fed up and drunk for just over a year. I think I have eaten enough pasta, pizza and doughnuts to fuel the whole of Italy and I am not sorry one bit.

bomboloni 2
Photo courtesy of Wriggle

SO imagine my glee that despite Andrew, owner and head chef, announcing he would “never cook another fucking sausage again” they are launching an incredible new brunch menu from this Sunday! Alongside plates of nourishing, wholesome and frankly delicious sounding Italian inspired brunch dishes (though much to my friend’s dismay, there is no pasta on toast!) there will be pastries and some pretty epic coffee. I assume if you bat your eyes hard enough they’ll fix you something a little harder too, Italian Bloody Mary anyone?

bomboloni 1
Photo courtesy of Wriggle

A sneak peek at the menu shows some of the below offerings, I can’t wait to try it!

  • The Italian Job: Grilled Italian pancetta, Italian ‘Nduja sausage, free range eggs, vine tomatoes, pan-fried mushrooms
  • The V’Italian Job: Grilled polenta, greens, scrambled eggs, home baked cannellini beans, vine tomatoes
  • Mushrooms on Toast: Pan fried mushrooms on sourdough with rocket & parmesan
  • Baked Eggs: Free range eggs, tomato, roast pepper & garlic with grilled sourdough
  • Brunch Frittata: Free range eggs, potatoes, greens & mascarpone with homebaked cannellini beans & rocket

Best to book ahead as I am sure things will get busy, contact them via the website here




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