Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society Is Here

With Whisky as popular as ever, a new group cum event has popped up to bring this fascinating and complex spirit to lips of those from anything to a passing interest to expert tasters.

bwsa 3

The Bristol Whisky Appreciation Society is an informal monthly whisky tasting event, which has its first session on Thursday 27th September 2018 at The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer on King Street. Each month the tasting event will be themed around a different topic which will provide a link (however tenuous) between the five whiskies that are tasted.

All whiskies tasted at the event will be done so blind with no information about brand, age or specific whisky before tasting). The organisers are hoping this means a level playing field when it comes to preconceptions and ensures a fun evening, whatever your interest in the amber nectar. 

The sessions are being organised and run by three whisky nerds from Bristol, Rob Prior (Blogger at The Real Dram), Jason B Standing (Co-founder of Dramboree and Whisky Squad) and Chris Borrow (Owner of The Dram Team).


If you would like more information, or to book tickets, then pop on over to

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