Gorgeous Gujarati Feasting Coming To Bristol

Bristol Spirit is once again flinging open their doors and arms to a resident pop-up this time taking newbie Naasto Baasto under their wing for a month-long residency. Serving traditional Gujarati food, Monica Patel learned to cook by the side of her Grandmother (Ba) and wants to bring the food she loves to the people of Bristol. After sampling her food a few months ago, I am definitely looking forward to trying more! 

Thali from the last pop up! 

 Monica explains that Naasto Baasto is;

“A tribute to my ba (grandmother) – who was a wonderful strong woman, and the most caring wife, mum and grandmother. Gujarati families always bring out a spread of food when guests visit. Ba was the cook and my dada (grandfather) was the one who was always inviting people into their home. We’re called Naasto Baasto because my grandparents – especially my granddad – had a habit of rhyming words, even if the second word was absolute nonsense, which baasto is, and Naasto means snack.”

She adds that;

“Bristol Spirit is my home from home, and having enjoyed the fantastic front of house experience that Matt and Sam provide, I know they more than live up to the Gujariti level of hospitality.”

Sam Espensen, owner, Bristol Spirit said that;

“Monica was one of our first regular customers and quickly became a friend. She did a highly successful one-night pop-up of Naasto Baasto with us in 2017, and since then I have been gently nudging her to strike out on her own…I am absolutely certain she is going to be a bright light in the Bristol cooking scene. And the good people of Redfield can look forward to damn good curry for the next month!”

Monica’s menu will involve a selection of starters, meat and vegan curries and home-made chutneys, salads and poppadoms. Most dishes are suitable for vegans. Her residency starts on 5th September and finishes on the 29th.

There will be special Gujarati inspired Espensen Spirit cocktails and beer/wine pairings to accompany the Naasto Baasto menu.

For all booking enquiries contact info@espensenspirit.com.  

Find Naasto Baasto on Facebook and Twitter

naasto baasto menu

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