Where To Avoid The World Cup This Summer

This will be a short and sweet one, lads. I am not here to pour scorn on the football but some of us really don’t want to get caught up in the throng of shouting, lager-swilling, flag-wearing rowdiness that comes with such a large set of international games.

Here is a list of places to avoid the tedious bullshit.

The Old Bookshop – North Street

Quirky, cool and dark, you can have a pint and something to eat without having your table tipped over by a frustrated fan

The Swan – Swineford

Elegant and rustic, this lovely pub is full of ales and comfy seats, not a sweaty man called Dave screaming at the telly.

The Hare – North Street

A small quiet pub with a secret garden and a range of craft beers on tap, which lessens the chance of some prick spilling his Stella Artois down your back whilst celebrating a goal.

the hare garden
The Hare has a secret garden that’s nicer than being neat football people.

The Hillgrove – Kingsdown

Tatty, friendly and a great spot for a bar snack or a Japanese feast from resident pop-up Kansai kitchen. Not a single England flag-cum-cape to be seen.

Chapter One – Bath

Great if you really can’t stand being in the big city for the game, this fab Bath pub has boardgames and pickled eggs and no chanting whatsoever.

Strawberry Theif – Old Town

Winner of the best bar at this year’s Good Food Awards, it’s the spot to hit if you love fine Belgian beers and don’t love fine Belgian football players.

The Drapers Arms – Gloucester Road

You’re not even allowed to have your phone out here without being mocked mercilessly so good luck trying to watch the game.

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