A Very Royal Pudding At The Ivy Clifton Brasserie

I am not what one would call a Royalist or Monarchist (nor do I know the difference if we are being honest) but it is hard to not get a little caught up in Royal Wedding. Despite spending the wedding day standing in a brewery serving cocktails to the sun-worshipping masses I did make sure to google “the dress” and have a peek at the hats, it’s tradition after all. I was jealous of peoples wedding parties, gorgeous scenes of people in gardens with bunting, Pimms, BBQs and silly hats on, not because I care but because it’s nice to see people getting together and being awfully British.


I didn’t miss all the fun though! I was invited back to The Ivy Clifton Brassiere in the well to do Clifton village with a mate to have a try of their new “Royal Crown Dessert”. The picture I was sent in the first place did not give this pudding the reverence it deserved, but we will get on to that later.

We started with a couple of cocktails, a raspberry Clover Cup and the “Purple Rain”. The Clover Cup was refreshing and smooth with plenty of tart raspberry tang. The Purple Rain was an absolute revelation, sloe gin, beetroot juice, carrot juice, cranberry, apple and a bit of lemon juice to balance. It was INCREDIBLE! How the veg juice in a cocktail trend hasn’t got to Bristol yet is totally beyond my understanding. I need more, now!


The pudding! This was the best bit. The dessert was compromised of a white chocolate dome, filled with meringue, ice cream and shortbread, topped with a golden chocolate crown and then served with a warm strawberry sauce. I can only be honest and say it was one of the most over the top things I have ever eaten and I loved it. My pal said it was one of the best desserts she had ever eaten. It was sweet, silly and the perfect celebration of the wedding. Find The Ivy Clifton Brasserie here

*This dessert was offered free of charge but did not affect my review *

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