Have you heard about Carbonara Club?

Carb loaders, pasta lovers and spaghetti addicts, something wonderful has happened! Blogger and total ledge Lily Doble has decided that pasta for two is fine, but pasta in a group has got to be better and is fixing to hold a monthly pasta party once a month.


With Italian restaurants hardly in short supply, the group will aim to hit up the old school stalwarts of the Italian world such as Sergio’s on Frogmore Street, Don Giovanni’s opposite Temple Meads and La Grotta on Union Street as well any other location the group members vote for. As far as I’m concerned the more chequered tablecloths, surly waiters and horrible breadsticks the better.

Lily is also quick to placate those who might not put carbonara at the top of their pasta list, stating that they can pick whatever they like. Mines a hearty ragu with pappardelle, please!

To find out more and to get on the mailing list, find the Carbonara Club on Twitter here.

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