The Prince of Wales outlines its new plans for re-opening

The Prince of Wales recently closed its doors after the landlords lengthy battle with the buildings owner Enterprise. The pub that had been managed by Anna Gorman for 15 years, will now be managed by one of the Pub Co’s managers and is due to reopen May 14th after a spruce up.

In the window, Enterprise has tried to keep the Bristol pub frequenting communities mind at rest by erecting posters, promising to keep everything the same, bar a few updates to the kitchen and toilets.


Whether or not the Prince of Wales stays the community hub the Gloucester Road has known and loved for a long time, remains to be seen and this won’t be the only pub to lose a landlord. With the rules changed on how companies like Enterprise can make their money, they are having a spate of replacing landlords with their own management.

If you’re worried about your local, you can check who is owned by Enterprise here.

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