Beer Necessities is open on Wapping Wharf

Wapping Wharf has been taking a turn towards a more retail route with their second phase of opening, with a clothes shop, bakery and now a beer shop. With Corks @ Cargo and The Bristol Cider Shop covering two bases with wine and cider, Beer Necessities is covering my personal favourite, beer.

beer nes 1

The shop is tiny but they use the space well, lining one wall with fridges and shelves stacked high with specialist Belgian Gueuze, IPAs, Porters from afar as well as plenty of  Bristol brewery stalwarts. Think Moor, Wiper and True and Lost and Grounded.

beer nes 2

The back of the shop benefits from 3 taps with rotating kegs of beer that you can purchase in one of two sized Growlers to take home and enjoy on your own time. Leona and Henry have also plans for an on-license so they can invite brewers and patrons for tiny tasting sessions in their intimate little shop.

beer nes 4

With Cargo 2 en route home for a lot of people, you’d be mad not to pop in and grab something familiar and something new to either enjoy with a burger from Squeezed next door or at home.

Find Beer Necessities online, Twitter and Facebook

Or in real life at Cargo 2, Museum St, Bristol. BS1 6ZA.

Open Wed-Sat 12pm-8pm & Sun 12pm-4pm.


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