Blogger ten commandments

Just ten things to abide by if you blog, I’m just as guilty for doing a few of these!

  1. Thou shalt not flake out of booked events with no notice
  2. Thou shalt not forget to thank the host for asking you along to an event or review meal on your way out
  3. Thou shalt not insist on bringing a guest
  4. Thou shalt not audibly complain about the events you are attending
  5. Thou shalt upload reviews and pictures with links within a week
  6. Thou shalt not gush about places which are mediocre at best
  7. Thou shalt not ask for free shit
  8. Thou shalt not publish blogs with names spelt incorrectly, broken links and crap pictures
  9. Thou shalt not take freebies without fulfilling your part of the bargain
  10. Thou shalt not do sponsored posts without making it clear it’s an ad.

Have I missed any?


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