Lost and Grounded ‘The Summer Brewhouse Sessions’

Lost and Grounded haven’t been in the city long but my goodness they have got us sitting up and taking notice. With a huge site in Brislington filled with some of the most beautiful, German engineered equipment and kicking out fresh, light, flavourful beers that scream “we love what we do” they are a firm favourite with the beer crowd.

This summer they are running their ‘The Summer Brewhouse Sessions’ when the brewery flings open its doors and let the nosey public in to see what they do. With a street food stall each month, a collaborative brew from some special guests and, the beer taps flowing with both the in-house ambrosia and the finest offerings from the aforementioned guests, you are sure to find something you like.


I booked myself onto one of the first tours of the year, had a big breakfast and headed over on a very windy Saturday. When you walk into the brewery you are blown away with just how big everything is! The ceilings are high, the tanks are massive and I am pleased I paid attention to the note telling me to wear sensible shoes.

Lost and grounded summer sess

We were given the tour by Brewer Matt and had the entire brewing process explained whilst clutching our beers from the bar. We were taken up to see the beautiful tanks and got a great view of the party below. We were allowed to try beers at various stages of the brew and had hops, malts and cask ageing explained in detail. Matt was really good at explaining the processes in a way those of us that don’t know much about brewing could understand and I thoroughly enjoyed learning something.


You can get tickets for the tour here and it also means you get three 1/2 pints to enjoy on top! The next summer session is in July with special guests Verdant Brew and if you can’t make that, their events are listed here

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