The Pizza Dip Problem – AN UPDATE!

Honestly, I could wax lyrical for hours about the pizza in Bristol. We have nailed every conceivable version from the £5 carby saviour of a drunken Friday night, to chain waggon wheels you should never buy without a voucher. The simple sourdoughs and Italian thin crusts leading finally to the 72-hour fermented luxury pizzas with truffle oils and numerous curds, pickled veg and cured meats.


Flour and Ash
Look at all this crusty goodness naked of sauce. It’s a travesty.


However, there are a few pizza places that have neglected one of these best parts of pizza eating.

Dips for the crust.

It has got to the point that I am scanning down menus desperately searching for an offering of something to make those last bites of the crust as exciting as the middle bit. I hate to say it (and many Twitter types agree) Dominos nail it with their garlic herb dip, and I HATE it when somewhere like Dominos nails anything.

I would like to also add here that flavoured oils and butters are NOT dips, as Shonnette and Sam both agree

Twitter also agrees that pizza shops should be supplying dips, obviously, these would be paid for, I am led to believe Pi Shop do a cracking herb sauce and there have been rumours that Berthas have a fermented chilli oil and Parmesan mayo but I can’t seem to find anyone that has had it recently. I once asked Flour and Ash for a pot of their beetroot sauce they were using for the base of their vegan pizza…it was ok but lacked the POW a real dip needs…forgiven as I had misappropriated sauce on this occasion.

So why aren’t they? Perhaps they don’t realise the pizza eating general public of Bristol is crying out for dips so here is their call to action. Please for the love of all things pizza, treat your crusts with the respect they deserve and give me a pot of something sweet, punchy and substantial to keep me interested to the very last bite.


Thank you

Update 10/07/2017

Whether or not my ongoing whinging has sorted this or pizza restaurant owners were planning to anyway, we are slowly getting dips!

Big hands for


Flour and Ash

and Pi Shop

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