How to improve your fried eggs

Hands up who LOATHES egg snot.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, egg snot is that uncooked egg white often not seen until the last-minute hiding on top of your fried eggs. Often seen sliming provocatively off your fork as your lift it to your mouth, egg snot makes me feel things. Bad, gross things.

In my efforts to eliminate said snot i have taken to overcooking my fried eggs, getting frustrated and being left unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of eggs on toast.

In the spirit of name dropping celeb chefs i never paid much mind to, I saw Jamie Oliver use “one simple trick” to cook his eggs using no fat in the pan whatsoever. Once i got over the shock that Jamie hadn’t confit his egg in 3 pints of olive oil i realised this technique might be the answer to my prayers. I, however, use a bit of fat with my cooking technique because it tastes nice.

Put simply, you “froach your egg”



Take one hot pan, a splash of oil, one tablespoon of water, one egg and one heat-proof lid of some description.

Heat your oil in your pan, a medium heat is best and crack in your egg. Add one tablespoon of water to the pan and quickly cover your egg with the lid. I use a small saucepan lid, its clear so I can see what’s going on. As you are trapping steam the egg cooks much more quickly, usually it only needs a minute or so before it’s done. The yolk will go a little white, that’s ok.

The end result lacks in crispy bits but I am happy to forgo crisp if it means no gloop either, the only runny bit should be your yolk.

I made a video (i am sorry for the state of the sink!)




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