Goodbye, my shed.

I can’t lie to you, Saturday was really hard work. The weather was relentless, the slugs had worked their way through to what was left and I had to knock down my stupid shed.


I inherited the shed when I moved onto the plot and for some reason felt rather attached to it. I mean granted it had no roof, I could barely get the door open and the floor was so rotten it was a slip hazard but it was a bit of history. It had been bought and loved by someone, had sheltered a few generations of plot holder and now it sits on my land, sighing in the wind and providing nothing useful.


I finally decided it was in my best interests to knock the wretched thing down and try and invest in a new one. This proving to be a complete nightmare in itself where you cannot get anyone to deliver to the allotment so the choice is either a) inconvenience friends with having a shed delivered to pavements outside of their properties because your house is down an alleyway or b) try and find someone to take you to buy said shed in the shop but rent a van/hope someone’s car is big enough. All in all I have got rather fed up of the word “shed” and everything that comes with it.


Rotting floor and some indoor plants, there.

Luckily i have friends that are packing heavy artillery so i managed to borrow a wrecking bar (mine has been stolen), a decent hammer and a pair of goggles and went to town on the old girl and managed to get it totally dismantled in less than half an hour. I found one very grumpy slow worm and stabbed myself in the arm with a nail but all in all I was pleased with what i had achieved.


I am hoping the majority of the wood can be salvaged for raised beds but i do need to break it all apart just to stop the place looking like a scrap yard. Mr Mallet will be pleased.


Good night sweet prince

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