Pallet potting benches and slug wars

Allotmenteering has give me some life tips of late, never listen to unsolicited advice. They don’t know shit and you have courgettes.

Much like when one announces they are going to do ANYTHING, the advice people come crawling out from everywhere telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. They come in many forms, friends, family, internet people and its hard to ignore them when you feel you know nothing.


However, there is so much information out there and so may actual experts who are easy to corner on Twitter you are well within your rights to say “oh thanks, i’ll have a look” and never open that link when another person suggests something stupid. For me, i am happy armed with a few good eggs who know their stuff, a book and trusting my instincts.

I’ll start with the good, after the success of building raised beds with some help i decided to crack on and replace the sad, rotten potting bench we had inherited when we took on our plots. After my enthusiastic, left handed sawing on top of it finished the old one off my allotment buddy kicked it over and sent it to the wood pile in the sky. We aren’t allowed to burn anything until after the summer so its sat drying out in front of the shed, which seems to be where all the rubbish and crap gravitates to. After pinching more pallets from my friendly, neighborhood fruit and veg shop i set to work building a new bench.


My approach to DIY is pretty hap hazard and after working out what height i needed the bench to be i sawed a large pallet in half for legs, replaced the missing support plank with one i had left over from the raised beds and used a half pallet for the top. Then it was a case of simply drilling it all back together again and coating with a wood preserver. I had bought preserver in green and wish i had stuck to something a bit more clear or brown but it needs two more coats and if i still hate it, i’ll paint it.

Overall i’m very pleased with it, the shelving planks can be adjusted if needs be and i made i all by myself.

The bad and the ugly would be the slug population demolishing my brussel sprouts. I watered the plot with nematodes last weekend with a lot of success with the majority of the raised beds, limited success with my peas and almost no difference to my poor sprouts. Luckily i am chummy with a local cafe who have promised to start collecting all their eggs shells for me which i intend to scatter liberally over the entire plot to try and put off the slimy, remorseless eating machines.


On the whole though, despite the flood, slugs and my general lack of parenthood everything is looking very well! The seedling are still in the at awkward, gangly teenage phase and i hope they start filling out and maturing very soon. My gifted raspberry twigs are slowly coming back to life, my gifted rhubarb is settling in, the potatoes are going mad despite my lack of care and i took care of my boarder of triffids to prevent further stinging nettle injuries.


I am hoping to rope some engineering type friends to come and assess my shed, id rather Frankenstien it for £200 than drop £450 on a new one.

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