Thieves and wind

Bank Holiday Monday started casually enough, lie in, bacon sandwich, cartoons on the telly, when a notification popped up on Facebook from the allotment group.

We are very lucky on our allotment, everyone for the most part is friendly, the FB group is updated regularly with people asking for or dishing out advice, out allotment rep is really sweet. Heading to the page i read that some of the sheds had been broken in to. “Surely not” i wrote, “it must have been that bloody wind last night”, the same wind that is currently pulling up the roof on my flat, not that the landlord cares…


However one by one people came forward to see that the padlocks had been cut, hinges kicked off and the fence panels removed to allow entry. I was incandescent with rage at this point. To have someone break in to somewhere that doesn’t belong to them for a start made me cross, but to then destroy sheds to find none of them have anything worth taking inside was such a waste. To destroy the fence on a bank holiday so there was no chance of it being fixed so more scummy, thieving shits can pour in and rifle around in our things was the sour cherry on a bad sundae.


I dragged my very understanding and patient boyfriend up there for the third time in 5 days to check on my shed and that of a friends and luckily we look to have escaped. Bar the storm blowing off a lot of the plastic i had arranged the day before everything was as it should be. My friends shed door, sadly, was not. Some knob had kicked the hinges off, we fixed it as best we could and i took some photos so other plot holders could identify their sheds.

Sadly Storm Katie did claim one victim, hopefully its owner will come and right the poor thing soon.


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