Caribbean Week! Jerk fish and chips with lime and coconut water sorbet


I’ve been plugging away at this wee blog for a while and have recently been thinking of ways to get it out to a wider audience. I don’t know about the rest of you but i think my pithy hot takes on bean burgers and pumpkin loaves should get as much love as possible, but everyone thinks their kid is the smartest and the most special.

“If its not messy there is no point doing it” is what i tell people who look in horror at the sink after i’ve cooked

So as Grace Foods (who i won an awesome hamper from last year) were on the look out for food bloggers to take some Caribbean ingredients and turn them into something delicious so thought i better apply and i managed to get picked for the Caribbean Week Challenge. I received canned coconut water, hot pepper sauce, creole pepper sauce (the household LOVES this stuff), hot and spicy chicken fry mix and a jar of wet jerk seasoning and after a bit of deliberation i settled on the very English fish and chips with tartare sauce. What better way to celebrate the mix of cultures in my city of Bristol? The coconut water threw me a bit, by threw i mean i had to choose between booze or something else and in the end settled for a pudding so anyone can try it.


This came out very spicy so feel free to alter the ingredients or omit anything if you can’t handle it.

For two people

For the fish you will need

  • Two white fish fillets (i used cod)
  • Few dollops of jerk seasoning
  • One egg per two fillets
  • Scattering of spicy seasoning to taste (this is marketed for chicken but i thought what the hell?!)

For the chips you will need

  • One large sweet potato cut into chunky chips
  • Seasoning
  • Olive oil

For the tartare sauce you will need

  • 200ml mayo
  • Two tblsp capers chopped finely
  • One shallot, chopped finely
  • Juice of half a lime (its Caribbean!)
  • Hot sauce to taste

For the sorbet

  • One can of coconut water
  • 3tsps white sugar
  • 50g creamed coconut
  • Juice of one lime



Pop your fish into a shallow dish and marinate in the jerk seasoning for about an hour. Whilst you are doing this prepare your sweet potato, season, shake in oil and pop into the oven, around 200c.

Put all the sorbet ingredients into a pan and melt the creamed coconut slowly. Leave to cool completely then pour into a tupperware box and put into the freezer. This will take a few hours to freeze.

Prep your tartare sauce, simply add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix. Never buy it pre-made again!

Retrieve your fish and gently remove the excess jerk, coat with egg and then coat with the dry seasoning. Place on grease proof paper and bake in the oven for around 20 minutes, turning half way. You can fry but be careful that the fish doesn’t stick to the pan.

Don’t forget to give your chips a shake.



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