Mackerel pate – Ultimate fish paste.

Growing up in a large family, sandwiches for school lunch were usually full of exciting various types of “paste”. Those tiny jars of non descriptive pink spread were a regular occurrence between two slices of bread and you would think i would now regard any reminder of the taste to be a real turn off for me.

“Paste” doesn’t fill me full of confidence that there is actually any meat in this

However, just like tinned tomato soup, turkey burgers and pop tarts there is a tiny little space in my heart for paste (they really didn’t think about the name did they?) and when i come across something that tastes similar i am all over it…the exception to this is course meat pate, i think paste ruined me for pate at an early age.


Step forward the humble smoked mackerel pate, a Christmas favourite as a starter or something i like to chow down on in front of the telly with an entire loaf of bread on a Saturday night. Its relatively healthy if you watch what you are putting in (i am on a weight loss kick at the moment so this sort of thing is suddenly important) but still tastes rich and indulgent so you don’t have to worry too much if the idea of “low fat” makes you shake with fear.


There are thousands of recipes for mackerel pate but this is my favourite.

You will need:

  • 4 smoked mackerel fillets
  • Tablespoon of horseradish sauce or fresh horseradish if you can find it
  • Sweet pickles to taste (i used about six, could have taken more, i make my own sweet pickles see here how you can too)
  • Fresh dill to taste(or dried if you have it lying around)
  • Tablespoon of crème fraiche (i used half fat and you can’t tell the difference)
  • Tablespoon of sour cream
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Melted butter – enough to cover the pate a couple of mls

Put all the ingredients into a blender (bar the butter) and pulse until smooth. Put the mixture into ramekins and pour over the melted butter. Place in the fridge to set and serve with toasted sourdough bread and salad.


I had mine with a wedge of home-made pork pie and apple butter. That night my dinner was better than everyone elses…fact.

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