Veg boxes, vitamins to your door!

I bleat on a lot about getting to your local greengrocers for cheaper, higher quality fruit and veg than your supermarket can offer you but i am also no stranger to living somewhere that hasn’t got a local place to go. That coupled with working or studying full time and not wanting to spend your weekends battling with the crowds on the high street, getting fruit and veg into the kitchen and onto your plate can seem like a real chore.

Lucky for me that i stumbled across a veg delivery business that runs entirely on Facebook! I was getting my boxes from Riverford but was disappointed with the constant sales calls and the lack of bang for your buck some weeks. I had tried other, local boxes too but you needed to go and pick those up from drop points and laziness wins out every time where i am concerned. The Bristol Veg Box run by Lee and his partner Hannah offers great variety at incredibly reasonable prices directly to your door.

I have found a small veg box keeps a household of 2 – 3 running quite happily for a week or so and it always comes with your seasonal staples as well as a ton of extras should you require them. Personally i always get a dozen eggs (beautifully fresh and free range) and this week went for 500g of cheese, cheaper than Tesco at only £4.00 per 500g (£8 per kg / Tesco price £14.29 per Kg) and it wonderfully mature and made on a North Somerset Farm. They also have offers on each week and are happy to pick up extra bits if you need them (i have asked them in the past for bags of onions, peppers and chillies for my chutneys and more recently rhubarb for some jam i made).

Personally, i have found this service a Godsend and, as sad as it sounds, there is always an element of excitement on a Wednesday night when i get home to find my veg box outside and seeing what i have this week! Prices start at £5.00 for a Single person/OAP Veg Box which includes potatoes, 3 types of Veg, 3 types of Salad and 2 types of Fruit. (enough for 1 person) which i think you will agree is AMAZING value for money.

Large box

Definitely worth buying a box from them to see what i mean! Mention this blog if you read and decide to book a box!

2 Replies to “Veg boxes, vitamins to your door!”

  1. We concur! Fresh, delivered when they say, cheaper than the supermarkets and as simple as it is, delivery of a box of fruit and veg always makes us smile.

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