It’s apple season! Apple and custard, latice, mini pies.

Well i should perhaps come back and think of a snappier name for these little beauties but i am a bit devoid of inspiration for now. However they do tell you exactly what to expect at the end so what i lack in wordsmanship i have made up to you in doing what it says on the tin.

I was originally going to make these with caramel but burned it and with that the last of the sugar in the house. Never the type of person to allow a baking disaster to thawt me…nor the sort of person who wanted to put a bra back on to go to the shops, i broke out the birds custard powder and went to town with very pleasing results. Its also a recipie that will take some practice when it comes to doing the lattice top, i wasn’t blessed with patience at birth nor great attention to detail despite what all my CV’s and covering letters say but luckily as you are cutting out circles (or squares if you prefer) you can hide mistakes quite easily.

The other bonus of this recipie is that you can either go about it the hard way or just buy in pastry, apple pie filling and instant custard and go to town on it!

Look out for more apple recipies over the next few months, i have 7KGs to get through!

You will need;
300g of sweet, shortcrust pastry
400g of peeled, cored and chopped apples
2 tablespoons of sugar
1/2 pint of custard (either instant or make up according to packet instructions)
Cinnamon to taste
Sugar to taste
Icing sugar to taste
1 egg/milk to glaze.

Pre heat the oven to 200c

Peel and chop the apples and place them with the sugar and some cinnamon to taste in a bowl and place to one side. Make up your custard and add to the apples, give them a good stir so everything is coated.

Take half the pastry and roll out into a rectangle. Put the apple mixture in the middle and spread to nearly the edges. Add a little more cinnamon if desired.

With your second half roll again into a rectangle and then, using a sharp knife, slice the pastry into strips about 1/2 and inch in width. Now i realised after i had tried to weave soggy strips of pastry on top of a wet filling that i should have done the weaving first then laid it on top…so do that. I make these mistakes so you don’t have to get gross stick fingers. Give the pastry and egg or milk wash depending on what you have chosen and then add more cinnamon and sugar to taste.

Take a cookie cutter or something that is round and cut out circles of the pie and place on grease proof paper in a baking tray. The pies will leak so you will thank me for saving you the washing up.

Bake these badboys for about 20 minutes or until golden and brown. Take them out and sprinkle with icing sugar then leave to cool. Then use a flat implement like a cake spreader or spatula to slide them off the grease proof paper and into your mouth.

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